The concept of a psychologically informed environment as a response to the psychological and emotional needs of people who are homeless was first launched in the UK, with two government-backed guidance documents issued in 2010 and 2012.

To the best of our knowledge, the concept has yet to spread to Europe to any significant degree - though this is not to say that there may not be good work done in this field, without any such concept to illuminate or promote such practice.

For example, for a description of a project on 3 linked sites in Paris, which uses psychodynamic (more specifically Lacanian) psychotherapy as its inspiration, see Claude Chevrier's paper "A human adventure", in the Library.

Chevrier's paper expresses concern at the impact of "Housing First" policy on the constructive efforts of their centres.

For a view on homelessness policy and provision in post-Soviet era Prague, see also Ales Strnad and Petr Masat's paper, which gives a rather grim account of the hostile, even punitive attitudes that they see as underlying the "Staircase" model of resettlement progression operated there (precisely it seems the kind of approach that Housing First attempted to challenge).

Both papers can be found via the alphabetical listing, and/or (soon) via the keyword "barriers to access"

NB: Two papers on a more faith-based approach in Eastern Europe, through DePaul International are to follow.


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